Gift suggestions for a 65-year-old woman interested in Quizzes costing around $200

Big Book of Sudoku: Over 500 Puzzles & Solutions, Easy to Hard Puzzles for Adults

This book features over 500 Sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty levels with easy-to-follow solutions. It's perfect for seniors who want to keep their minds sharp and improve their problem-solving skills. The paper quality is excellent, and the puzzles are large, making them easy on the eyes. Customers love the extensive range of difficulty levels and the fact that there are solutions provided. This book is a great choice for Sudoku enthusiasts or seniors looking for a fun way to exercise their brain. It retails at around $10.


Bananagrams is a fast-paced word game that is perfect for seniors who love puzzles and words. This game has become increasingly popular due to its easy-to-learn rules and portability. Players race to create as many interconnected words as possible using letter tiles. It is a great way to improve vocabulary, spelling, and memory skills. The game comes in a compact, banana-shaped pouch and can be played anywhere. Customers love how fun and addicting the game is, making it an ideal gift for seniors. It retails at around $12.

Brain Games - Bible Puzzles

Brain Games - Bible Puzzles is a fantastic way for seniors to engage their minds while also learning about the Bible. This book features over 100 Bible-themed puzzles that range from word searches and crossword puzzles to mazes and optical illusions. It provides excellent stimulation and is great for seniors who want to keep their minds active. The book's quality is impressive, and customers appreciate the variety of puzzles and the calming effect it has. This book is a great gift for seniors interested in Bible stories and puzzles. It retails at around $10.

Trivial Pursuit - Master Edition Game

Trivial Pursuit - Master Edition Game is an excellent gift for seniors who love trivia and challenging games. It covers a wide range of topics such as science, history, literature, and sports. The game includes 3,000 trivia questions and 1,800 semi-hard question cards that provide a challenging game that is perfect for seniors. The packaging is sleek and compact, and customers love how it brings people together and stimulates conversation. This game is the ultimate gift for seniors who love intellectually challenging games. It retails at around $35.

Qwirkle Board Game

Qwirkle is an easy-to-learn strategy game that is perfect for seniors who want a fun and stimulating game to play with family and friends. Players match tiles based on either color or shape in this game that is fun for all ages. It promotes critical thinking and strategy development, making it an excellent option for seniors who want to keep their minds active. The tiles and packaging are high-quality, and customers rave about how much fun it is. This game is a great choice for seniors who want a fun and engaging game night. It retails at around $25.

Similar interests and resources

Seniors interested in quizzes are typically interested in similar hobbies and interests that require analytical thinking, problem-solving, and strategy development. Such interests include crossword puzzles, sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, and card games. These hobbies provide excellent mental stimulation and help keep seniors' minds sharp. Aside from recreational activities, seniors may benefit from online resources such as Free Rice, Brain Metrix, Happy Neuron, Lumosity, and AARP Games. These websites provide a range of fun and engaging games that help seniors improve their cognitive abilities while having fun.