Gift suggestions for a 18-year-old person interested in Word games costing around $40

Bananagrams Classic Word Game

Bananagrams is an award-winning game that's easy to play and endlessly entertaining. Players race against each other to build out their own interconnected crossword grids using letter tiles. It’s a fast-paced and dynamic game that sharpens your spelling and vocabulary skills. Plus, the compact, banana-shaped carrying case makes it perfect for travel or on-the-go entertainment. This brand prides itself in producing high-quality games that are both educational and fun for the whole family. The approximate price for Bananagrams Classic Word Game is $15.

Scrabble Deluxe Edition

Scrabble is a classic game loved by all ages. The deluxe edition features a rotating game board, which means players can easily move the board around during gameplay, making it easier to see and access each letter tile. The game comes with a raised tile grid, making it easier to move and place letters on the board. In addition, the game board is sleek and stylish with gold foil-stamped lettering. Scrabble has been a trusted brand for more than 80 years and continues to produce high-quality items. The approximate price for Scrabble Deluxe Edition is $40.

Codenames: Pictures Card Game

Codenames: Pictures is a fun twist on the classic word game. Rather than using words, players use pictures to get their team to guess. Players work together to uncover secret agents hidden among a grid of images, all while avoiding innocent bystanders. The game is fast-paced, easy to learn, and engaging, making it a hit at parties and family gatherings. This brand has a reputation for producing innovative games that are easy to pick up and challenging to master. The approximate price for Codenames: Pictures Card Game is $20.

Boggle Classic Game

Boggle is a fast-paced word-finding game that’s great for solo play or for multiple players. Players race against the clock to find as many words as possible on a grid of lettered dice. The game features a unique “shake up” feature that ensures a new game every time. Boggle has been a beloved tabletop game for over 45 years and is perfect for those who love word games. This brand has a reputation for producing high-quality games that bring people together. The approximate price for Boggle Classic Game is $15.

Taboo Party Game

Taboo is an exciting word game that challenges players to get their team to guess a word or phrase, without using any of the "taboo" words listed on the card. It’s a game that requires quick thinking, creativity, and communication skills. Taboo is a must-have for any game night, and the sleek design of the game makes it a great gift option. The brand behind this game is one of the biggest names in the board game industry, known for producing innovative and engaging games. The approximate price for Taboo Party Game is $25.

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