Gift suggestions for a 37-year-old woman interested in Word games costing around $180

Bananagrams Board Game

Bananagrams is a fast-paced word game with no scorekeeping or waiting your turn. Players race to use all their tiles to create a word grid. It's easy to learn, fast and great fun. With no board required, it can be played anywhere. The game is good for all ages and provides endless hours of entertainment. Bananagrams has won numerous awards and has become a fan favorite among word game enthusiasts. Priced at $15.

Quiddler Card Game

Quiddler is a card game in which players create a series of words using cards from their hands. The point values for the words are determined by the number and rarity of the letters used in each word. The game is easy to play, addictive and educational, and comes with a travel-sized case. Quiddler has won several awards and is highly praised for its challenging gameplay and replayability. Priced at $12.


Scattergories is a popular word game of categories that can be played with two or more players. It's a brainstorming game that delivers fun and challenging gameplay, and trains you to think creatively. Players have to think of words that fit various categories and begin with a specific letter of the alphabet. Scattergories has won several awards and is a must-have for any word game lover. Priced at $20.

Codenames Board Game

Codenames is a game of words, deduction, and cooperation that can be played with three or more players. It's a game of spies, where players have to give and guess one-word clues to reveal the location of their secret agents, while avoiding the assassin. Codenames is highly praised for its imaginative gameplay, replayability, and cooperative mechanics. It's a hit with both casual and serious gamers. Priced at $15.


Boggle is a classic word game that's been around for decades. It consists of a 16-cube grid of letters, and players compete to see who can find the most words in three minutes. Boggle is highly praised for its addictive gameplay, its educational value, and its accessibility. It's a great way to improve your vocabulary and exercise your brain. Boggle is a timeless classic that word game enthusiasts will always enjoy. Priced at $15.

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