Gift suggestions for a 63-year-old person interested in Motorcycling costing around $40

Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves by Riparo

Fingerless Motorcycle gloves by Riparo are made of premium quality leather, and they're excellent for motorcyclists who want to keep their hands safe without sacrificing their style. The gloves are extremely comfortable to wear, and their fingerless design provides a good grip on the handlebars. These gloves are very popular among motorcyclists because they offer excellent protection and durability, and they have been positively reviewed by many purchasers. Riparo is a fantastic brand that's known for producing high-quality leather goods, and their expertise is reflected in the craftsmanship of these gloves. The average price for these gloves is around $35.

Motorcycle Face Mask by Kitsbow

Motorcycle face masks by Kitsbow are a popular product for motorcyclists because they provide fantastic protection from wind, dust, and other outdoor elements. The masks are made from a moisture-wicking and breathable material that helps to keep the rider cool, and they are adjustable to fit most individuals comfortably. The masks have a multi-functional design that allows them to be worn in several different ways, and their lightweight construction makes them perfect for year-round use. Kitsbow is a reliable brand that produces high-quality protective gear, and these masks are no exception. The average price for this face mask is around $40.

Motorcycle Phone Mount by Roam

A Motorcycle phone mount by Roam is a popular accessory for motorcyclists because of its practicality and versatility. The mount is designed to securely hold a wide variety of phone sizes, and it can be easily attached to any motorcycle's handlebars. The mount's universal design makes it perfect for use with any smartphone, and its durable construction ensures that it will last for years to come. Roam is a reputable company known for producing high-quality phone mounts and holders. The average price of these mounts is around $15.

Windproof Motorcycle Goggles by Bobster

Bobster's Windproof Motorcycle goggles are an excellent choice for motorcyclists looking for a high-quality product that provides maximum protection from wind and dust. The goggles are made from a scratch-resistant and shatterproof polycarbonate lens that ensures maximum durability and longevity. These goggles are not only functional, but they also look great, with a sleek and modern design that complements any motorcyclist's style. Bobster is a trusted company that specializes in eye protection products, and their Windproof Motorcycle goggles are a testament to their expertise. The average price of these goggles is around $35.

Reflective Motorcycle Jacket by Viking Cycle

Viking Cycle's Reflective Motorcycle jacket is a popular product for motorcyclists who want to stay visible and safe while riding at all times. This jacket is made from premium quality textile materials, and it has reflective strips that provide maximum visibility even in the darkest environments. The jacket also has a waterproof lining that ensures that the rider stays dry in wet conditions. Viking Cycle is a well-known brand that produces high-quality motorcycle gear, and their expertise is reflected in the quality of this jacket. The average price of this jacket is around $40.

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