Gift suggestions for a 45-year-old man interested in Mountain biking and Pipes costing around $180

Yeti Cycles SB130 Mountain Bike

The Yeti Cycles SB130 is a high-performance mountain bike that is designed to tackle rugged terrain with ease. Being lightweight and made up of premium materials, this bike provides a smooth and comfortable ride over any obstacle or bump in the road. It features innovative suspension technology that ensures maximum traction, and a carbon frame that gives it excellent strength without adding weight. The bike is loved by mountain bikers for being agile, responsive, and versatile, making it perfect for any trail. The brand is known for its superior quality and attention to detail, making Yeti Cycles a favorite amongst serious riders. The price of this bike is around $7,000.

Savinelli Roma 320 KS Tobacco Pipe

The Savinelli Roma 320 KS is a classic pipe that is known for its smooth smoking experience and excellent construction. It is made from high-quality briar wood and comes with a signature curved stem for added comfort while smoking. The pipe is loved for its great balance and overall feel, making it a popular choice for tobacco lovers. Savinelli is one of the best brands for pipes due to their excellent quality and affordable prices. You can expect to pay around $120 for this pipe.

Giro Switchblade MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet

This helmet is designed to provide ultimate protection for mountain bikers, with features like a removable chin guard and MIPS technology for added safety. It also features a comfortable fit and excellent ventilation, making it perfect for all-day rides. The helmet is loved by bikers for its durability and lightweight design, which won't weigh you down on long rides. Giro is a trusted brand for helmets due to their quality and attention to detail. You can expect the price of this helmet to be around $250.

Crankbrothers M17 Bike Multi-Tool

The Crankbrothers M17 is a comprehensive multi-tool that is designed to be used on the go. It includes 17 essential tools, including flat and Phillips screwdrivers, hex and Torx wrenches, and a chain tool, making it perfect for on-trail adjustments. The tool is loved by mountain bikers for its compact size and durable construction, which can stand up to heavy use. Crankbrothers is a trusted brand for bike tools due to their innovative designs and reliable quality. You can expect to pay around $30 for this tool.

Peterson Sherlock Holmes Baskerville Tobacco Pipe

The Peterson Sherlock Holmes Baskerville pipe is a classic pipe with a twist. It features a unique design inspired by the famous Sherlock Holmes story, making it a popular choice for pipe smokers and fans of the detective. The pipe is made from high-quality briar wood and has a comfortable feel and smooth smoking experience. Peterson is a top brand for pipes due to their excellent craftsmanship and superb quality. This pipe is priced around $150.

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