Gift suggestions for a 42-year-old person interested in Kabbadi costing around $40

SSI Kabbadi Kit,

Specially crafted for the game of Kabbadi, this kit comprises a Kabbadi mat made of synthetic rubber, a pair of Kabbadi shoes with high grip soles, and one Kabbadi ball. People who enjoy this kit note the quality of the items, making it a great buy for beginners or seasoned players alike. The brand, SSI, is well-known for producing high-quality sports equipment for all levels at affordable prices. Approximate price: $35.

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro 950 Bat,

This bat is perfect for players who love the sport of Kabbadi but expect a versatile bat that can handle a range of shots. Its unique design and sleek finish make it stand out from the crowd, while its specially designed handle provides excellent control and grip. People find this bat beautifully crafted and well weighted, and the brand's reputation speaks for itself. Approximate price: $40.

Chillax Kabbadi T-Shirt,

This stylish Kabbadi t-shirt is perfect for both training and casual wear, with an athletic fit to keep wearers cool and comfortable. The t-shirt features a bold Kabbadi design, making it a great conversation starter for Kabbadi players and enthusiasts alike. People love the quality of the material and fit, and the brand is known for producing high-quality athletic wear at affordable prices. Approximate price: $20.

Nivia Kabbadi Arm Sleeve,

This arm sleeve provides protection and support during intense Kabbadi games, reducing the risk of arm injuries. Its soft and stretchy fabric ensures a comfortable fit for hours on end, and people appreciate how durable and long-lasting this sleeve is, retaining its shape after multiple washes. The brand, Nivia, is known for producing budget-friendly sports gear that doesn't compromise on quality. Approximate price: $7.

SS Kabbadi Gloves,

These gloves are ideal for Kabbadi players who want to improve their grip and control, with silicone textured palms and anti-slip features. The gloves are comfortable and flexible, keeping hands cool and dry during intense gameplay. People appreciate the quality of the gloves and the brand, SS, is known for producing a wide range of sports equipment, including Kabbadi gear, for all skill levels. Approximate price: $10.

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