Gift suggestions for a 39-year-old person interested in Rughooking and Math costing around $170

Rug Hooking and Math Combination

American Dream Oak E-Z Stitch Frame

This elegant and handy Oak EZ Stitch Frame provides rug-hookers with an easy way to keep their fabric flat and taut while stitching. It comes with a lightweight and adjustable frame that can be set at varying heights to fit your workspace, and can accommodate fabric sizes up to 18 inches wide. Positive reviews commend the frame for its versatility, ease of use, and exceptional value for money. Priced at approximately $60.

IRIS USA, Inc. Modular Supply Case

For rug-hookers who would love to keep their supplies organized, the Iris modular supply case is an absolute necessity. It features 10 removable trays that can be adjusted to fit your supplies, three snap-tight latches for secure storage, and a handle for easy transport. The durable clear plastic construction makes it easy to see what's inside from any angle. Reviewed positively for its portability, durability and versatile storage options. Priced at approximately $24.

Clover Wonder Clips

The Clover Wonder Clips are a perfect replacement for traditional pins. They are great for rug-hookers who need an extra hand during sewing, binding or assembling. They hold layers of fabric securely without leaving marks on the surface. The Wonder Clips come in a pack of 50 and have a wide range of uses. Positive reviews highlight their ease of use, versatility and affordability. Priced at approximately $5.

OLFA 45mm Rotary Cutter

The OLFA 45mm Rotary Cutter is a must-have tool for rug-hookers who appreciate precision in their craft. It is perfect for cutting fabric, paper, and other materials quickly and accurately. The cutter features a durable handle, a sharp blade, and a safety lock to keep the blade secure when not in use. Positive reviews praise the cutter for its sharpness and the comfort of the handle. Priced at approximately $20.

Clover Needlecrafts Gold Eye Chenille Needles

These gold eye chenille needles are specially designed for yarn and embroidery work. They come in a pack of 6 needles, ranging from size 18 to size 22, and have a large eye for easy threading. The needles have a sharp point and a long, thin, eye making them ideal for delicate fabric such as linen or silk. Positive reviews rave about the quality and durability of the needles. Priced at approximately $7.

Similar interests and resources

Rug-hooking and math are both creative and problem-solving endeavors that require precision and attention to detail. Rug-hookers who enjoy math may also enjoy knitting, crocheting, and embroidery. These hobbies require mathematical thinking and offer opportunities for creativity and expression. Here are five linked web sites that can be considered great resources for rug-hookers and math enthusiasts alike: