Gift suggestions for a 39-year-old person interested in Chess and Groundhopping costing around $90

The Chess Set Combo - Tournament Size

This chess set is perfect for the chess enthusiast who wants a high-quality chess set that will last for years. The combo includes a tournament-sized chessboard and pieces that are weighted and padded to make them easy to play with. The board is made from high-quality wood and is finished with a beautiful glossy veneer that gives it a classic look. The pieces are crafted from high-quality plastic and have a unique design that makes them easy to recognize and handle. People love this set because it's durable, stylish, and great for players of all skill levels. The brand, Chess Bazaar, is known for producing high-quality chess sets at an affordable price. Approximate price: $85.

The Fischer: Move by Move Book

This book is a great gift for any chess player, especially those who are interested in learning about the strategies and tactics used by one of the game's greatest players, Bobby Fischer. The book contains detailed analysis of 60 of Fischer's best games, with clear explanations of his thought processes and decision-making. People love this book because it's well-written, informative, and easy to read. The author, Cyrus Lakdawala, is a respected chess writer who has written several books about other great players like Kasparov and Anand. Approximate price: $25.

The Chess Clock - Digital Timer

This chess clock is an essential tool for serious players who want to keep track of their time during games. The clock has a large LCD display that's easy to read, and it can be set for a variety of time controls, including Fischer and Bronstein modes. People love this timer because it's easy to use, accurate, and affordable. The brand, DGT, is a well-known manufacturer of chess clocks and other accessories, and their products are trusted by players all over the world. Approximate price: $40.

The Groundhopper's Guide to Soccer in England

This book is a great gift for anyone who loves soccer and traveling. The book provides detailed information about hundreds of soccer stadiums in England, including histories, travel tips, and recommendations for nearby pubs and restaurants. People love this book because it's comprehensive, well-written, and provides a unique perspective on the game of soccer. The author, Paul Gerald, is a well-known travel writer who has written several other books about sports and adventure travel. Approximate price: $20.

The Chess Puzzle Book

This puzzle book is a fun and challenging way for chess players to improve their skills. The book contains hundreds of puzzles of varying difficulty levels, from beginner to advanced. Each puzzle is designed to test the player's ability to recognize patterns and think strategically. People love this book because it's engaging, educational, and helps them to become better players. The brand, Everyman Chess, is a respected publisher of chess books and has a reputation for producing high-quality educational materials. Approximate price: $20.

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