Gift suggestions for a 26-year-old person interested in Cryptography and Model racing costing around $190

Cryptography: The Science of Secret Writing (Dover Books on Mathematics)

Cryptography is a popular interest among those who have a passion for solving puzzles and codes. This comprehensive guide by Dover Publications covers the history, theory, and practice of cryptography. It is perfect for beginners who want to start learning about encryption techniques, as well as advanced cryptographers looking for in-depth knowledge on the subject. People love this book for its clarity and accessibility, making it applicable to a wide range of readers. Dover Publications continues to be a trusted source for educational texts and produces high-quality books at a reasonable price. This book is available on Amazon for $14.

Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit

Model racing is an exciting hobby that allows individuals to design and build their miniature race cars. Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit is perfect for model car enthusiasts who want to take it to the next level. The kit comes with everything you need to get started with customizable racetracks and AI-powered smart cars. The app-controlled game provides an ultimate racing experience, and people love it for its ease of use and cutting edge technology. Anki is a brand that prides itself on innovation, and their products are designed to offer a seamless experience of speed, control and challenge. The kit costs around $150 on Amazon.

Cryptography for Kids!: A fun introduction to the science of secret writing

Cryptography for Kids! is a perfect gift for a 26-year-old who wishes to introduce their children to the world of cryptography. The book covers the basics of cryptography in a fun and accessible way, with plenty of puzzles, games, and secret messages to solve. People love the innovative approach to teaching this fascinating subject to young minds. The book is produced by Rockridge Press, a brand that specializes in creating educational content for all ages. This book is available for $13 on Amazon.

Carrera GO!!! Circuit Challenge Electric Power Slot Car Racing Track Set

Carrera GO!!! is the perfect gift for any model racing enthusiast. The set includes two 1:43 scale cars, an electric power supply, and a 27-foot racetrack that can be set up in different configurations. People love it for its durability, quality design, and compatibility with other Carrera tracks and accessories. Carrera is a renowned brand that has been producing slot cars and tracks for over 50 years, and this set is a testament to their expertise. The set costs around $140 on Amazon.

Codebreaking and Secret Writing (Activity Kits)

This fun-filled Codebreaking and Secret Writing kit is perfect for anyone interested in the world of cryptography as well as model racing. It is a combination of a secret message writing kit and a model car kit. The kit has everything needed to build a tiny car and create secret codes using various encryption techniques. People love the fun approach to learning about cryptography and model racing, and the kit is easy to use and suitable for all ages. This kit is available for $22 on Fruugo.

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