Gift suggestions for a 22-year-old man interested in Scrapbooking and Snowshoeing costing around $140

Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a popular electronic cutting machine among scrapbookers. It can cut over 100 different materials, including paper, vinyl, and iron-on. Users love its precise cutting and versatile software, which allows for endless design possibilities. The brand is known for their quality machines and exceptional customer service. The approximate price for this machine is $240.

Winterial Yukon Snowshoes

For snowshoeing enthusiasts, the Winterial Yukon snowshoes are a great choice. They are lightweight but durable and provide great traction in deep snow. People love how easy they are to adjust and that they come with a convenient carrying bag. Winterial is a reliable brand specializing in outdoor gear, and these snowshoes retail for approximately $120.

Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer

The Canon Ivy mini photo printer is perfect for creating personalized scrapbook pages on the go. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and prints high-quality, 2x3 inch photos that are also waterproof and smudge-proof. People love how easy it is to set up and use, and the fact that the prints come out vibrant and true to color. Canon is a trusted brand in the photography world, and this printer costs around $100.

Atlas 1025 Snowshoes

Another great option for snowshoeing is the Atlas 1025 snowshoes. They are made with a durable aluminum frame and provide excellent traction on steep hills and icy terrain. People love how comfortable they are to wear, even on long hikes. Atlas is a top brand in the snowshoeing world, and these snowshoes retail for approximately $140.

Bella BLA13694 Electric Spiralizer

For scrapbookers who also love to cook, the Bella electric spiralizer is a great option. It makes it easy to cut vegetables into fun spiral shapes, adding a unique touch to any meal or snack. People love how easy it is to use and clean, and the fact that it comes with different blade options. Bella is a trusted brand in kitchen appliances, and this spiralizer costs around $30.

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