Gift suggestions for a 15-year-old teenage boy interested in Exhibition drill and Juggling costing around $80

Juggle Dream Solo Fire Staff

The Juggle Dream Solo Fire Staff is a world-famous staff that has been designed to deliver top-level professional performances. This fire staff has been constructed utilizing an aluminum core that has been covered with a protective and long-lasting grip. The grip helps with the handling of the staff while performing complicated maneuvers. The staff itself is kink-resistant and comes with pre-fitted wick ends that offer bright flame and long burn times. It is a perfect tool for those interested in juggling and exhibition drills. Juggle Dream is a widely-known brand that delivers high-quality staffs that guarantee excellent performance. Approximate price: $75.

Juggling Knives – Set of 3

A thrilling and exciting juggling prop, Juggling Knives, makes a great gift for a 15-year-old who is interested in Exhibition Drill and juggling. This set of 3 knives has a balanced design that makes them easy to handle, catch, and throw. The knives are made of stainless steel blade and aluminum handle knobs, which makes them sturdy and durable enough to last long. The design and build quality, in addition to the overall performance and ease of use, make these juggling knives a crowd-puller. The manufacturer is an established brand that delivers high-quality juggling products that ensure safety and performance at each show. Approximate price: $60.

Flames N Games Pro LED Glow Poi

Experience the thrill of juggling with the Flames N Games Pro LED Glow Poi. These Poi balls come with an easy-to-use button for adjusting the color settings, and they can produce 24 different color patterns. The Lights switch smoothly, making them easy to use in a performance or presentation. The light produced is bright and doesn't have any flickers - which makes them perfect for a captivating show. The manufacturer has been producing and selling glow-in-the-dark products for years and has built an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality products. Approximate price: $75.

Nike Men's Air Max Sneakers

Exhibition drill and juggling involve lots of twists and turns, so a comfortable pair of shoes is an absolute necessity. The Nike Men's Air Max Sneakers are perfect for such situations. The shoes have a stylish design and have been engineered to deliver excellent comfort and support for the feet while performing complicated maneuvers. The sole provides excellent grip, making these sneakers perfect for both indoor and outdoor performances. Nike is a premium brand that is known for delivering top-quality sneakers that come with excellent features and long-lasting durability. Approximate price: $80.

Vision Scarves Juggling Scarf Set

The Vision Scarves Juggling Scarf Set is the perfect gift for anyone interested in juggling. The scarfs are constructed from high-quality materials that are soft, and they float slowly through the air, making them easy to catch and throw. These scarfs can improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, making them perfect for both beginners and intermediates. The manufacturer of these juggling scarfs company has been creating juggling equipment for over 20 years and delivers the highest quality juggling props that are well-received by the public. Approximate price: $15.

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